With CSA 2010 Imminent, Are you Ready For Your Audit?

CSA 2010 Dictates that all Companies be audited for Compliance.

CSA 2010 has been implemented to better identify unsafe carriers & drivers who have safety issues that put the public at risk and assist them in improving. Although the implementation date has been delayed, the gathering of data (roadside inspection, crash reports etc..) that determines which carriers will be audited is ongoing. For example, DOT will utilize roadside inspection reports that occurred as far back as 2 years ago as part of their audit determination. There is no “grace period”.

A list is provided below of the published DOT specification for audit of commercial carriers. Remember, it is not a matter of if you will be audited, but when you will be audited. It should be noted that compliance to the DOT rules and regulations set forth by the DOT are extensive will take significant time to organize and present properly to audit officials in order to avoid fines and violations. We can help!

Here is a partial list of the items that auditors will want to investigate. Carriers have 48 hours to present the requested documents.

  • Insurance Form: MCS-90
  • Interstate Operating Authority
  • Hazardous Materials Registration Certificate
  • Hazardous Materials Security Plan
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Gross Revenue - Last Fiscal Year
  • Year End Date
  • Federal Tax I.D. Number
  • List of All Terminal Locations
  • Total Miles - All Power Units - Last 365 Days
  • Accident Records
  • Accident Register
  • List of All Current Drivers
  • List of All Separated Drivers
  • Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Vehicle List
  • Tire Sizes
  • Complete Driver Qualification Files
  • Vehicle Maintenance Files
  • Vehicle Service Status Due Reports
  • Annual Vehicle Inspections
  • Periodic Vehicle Inspections
  • Driver Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • 100 Air Mile Exemption Logs
  • Records of Duty Status
  • Supporting Documentation (Invoices, Receipts, Trip Packets, et al)

Let our able consultants visit with you today to help discuss your plan for a positive audit. Violations are strict and fines are heavy, and even though dates of compliance have been pushed back, do NOT procrastinate.

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