Roadside and Trip Inspections are Targets for Drivers

All Drivers need to be aware of new roadside inspection rules.

As part of CSA 2010, the DOT will obtain data to determine which carriers will be audited from primarily two sources; accident reports provided by the states and roadside inspections. The number and percentage of safety violations found relating to CMVs and their drivers in roadside inspections indicates that these inspections are important to overall traffic safety. However, in a recent National questionnaire, drivers interviewed were generally not aware of what a roadside inspection involved, the levels of inspection, or what out-of-service (OOS) criteria or penalties are. Of equal concern, less than half of the drivers were able to explain what a CVSA inspection decal was.

CSR can assist your company with both vehicle inspection training for your drivers and implementation of management practices that will identify problem drivers and improve your vehicle inspection program. A robust and effective vehicle inspection and maintenance program will reduce your company’s exposure for a DOT audit and costly vehicle accidents.

Egregious neglect to train drivers in these vital areas can result in large fines, driver violations, and financial hardship to the company that has to endure a major accident that involves a inspection violation. The training provided can educate your drivers to be able to cope with all roadside and trip inspections, and relieve liability concerns. Although full implementation of CSA 2010 has been delayed, the gathering of data on your fleet and your drivers has already begun. Don’t wait!

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